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This is pretty epic yo. Nice and fluid.

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AniMaugli responds:

Thank you!

This is epic dude. I knew when I woke up this morning, I wanted to see a cryptid dance. the fact it's Cthulhu makes it infinitely better.

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Homie. Amazing. You'll never get anything below 5 stars from me. Always funny yo!

Marcprime9 responds:

Thanks man i really appreciate it!

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Mute button doesn't work. Not really a new game. Just a different kind of clicker. Interesting concept. Maybe add some flavor with the background as the battery fills with a charge?

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Really awesome. Would you be able to make it so there's different frogs to buy, or even able to upgrade the frogs you already bought? I feel like that'd really help because I managed to fill up all the spaces for the frogs halfway through wave 7, and there's not much else to do. Maybe even invest in making different levels so you have to change up where you put the froggies. wonderful game. I loved it.

Very neat game! The random generator is a nice touch, however I would like to recommend adding an epilepsy warning from the lava being bright, flashing lights. The music is awesome. Everything is awesome. Great job!

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Jeeze man. I really needed something like this. I don't get to listen to nice, calming music. Thanks for posting it for us!

Veronina responds:

Thanks for liking it!!! Hope u enjoy this!

Homie this is my shit! Fuckin wonderful man! Smooth as fuck homie. 10/10

XTheNewgrounder responds:

Hey, thanks man :D

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This is pretty awesome. It'd make a bombass tattoo!

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SMOKER9 responds:

Thank you!

Hi glen

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GrahamDrawsButts responds:


I love its headpiece and how the eye is just OUT. It's staring into your soul! I also really love the teensy, tiny, little legs! I feel like they give the creature a more skin-crawly design. The spikes on the tail, and the bandages, and the tail itself are really cool looking. I also absolutely love the wings! They have little holes in them from the enemy being a bad-guy and fighting stuff! Really cool design homie! The little nails at the tips of the wings AHH It's just really good overall!

I'm salty.

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